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With over 25 years of experience in creating compelling stories on video.

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Developing your video from start to finish: script, story board, filming, drone, editing, graphics, animations, closed captions, foreign subtitles, British Sign Language.

Our creative and technical team has over 25 years of experience delivering content for a diverse range of businesses, organisations and public services.

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An effective video has emotional power

We know how to achieve this, and that’s why our clients come back to us time and again, from across the UK and internationally.

Interviews, animations, graphics, voice-over, sound effects and music, can all be woven in for telling your story, demonstrating your products or service, explaining a process, recruiting, training, communicating with your employees.

We are a dedicated team with the experience, skills, and production resources, for bringing your story to life, engaging your audience, and triggering a positive response.

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Animation & Motion Graphics

Sometimes animation or graphics is a better way of explaining a concept or process. We provide the full service from story board to drawing board, through to final animation, including voices, sound effects and music.
If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, or if you simply want to know more about how we work, please get in touch.

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Melt Content: a digital marketing agency

Video: Introduction to Melt. For their website and presentations.

Brief: Capture our personality, spell out the essence of what we offer. Make it clever, fun, innovative, and convey our forward thinking mantra. Grab attention. Keep it short!

Production: We devised quirky little scenes using trick videography that are fun to watch but also deliver key messages. The Melt team was totally invested in playing their roles and threw themselves into the filming action.

Result: The video became a talking point at Melt presentations and received excellent comments from customers and prospects. Ultimately, it helped Melt to build business.

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Roberts Metal Packaging

Video: Product video. For the company website, exhibitions, social media

Brief: Showcase our colourful range of products. Make it different, make it eye-catching and fun, make it short.

Production: We filmed the products spinning, rolling, tumbling, filling up with goo, cream, spices, and sweets, and a hand hooking out cream and gel. We added a funky little music track. We call the video “dancing tins”!

Result: Roberts is delighted that the video makes them stand out from the crowd, and it gets a huge response from the website and at exhibitions.
We also filmed in their factory for a corporate story video, which the Roberts team uses in presentations to potential clients around the world.

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SES Water

Video: Promotional video for Flow Zone, SES Water’s educational centre – for its website and social media. The target audience is schools and families.

Brief: Create a fast passed video that showcases the range of Flow Zone exhibits. Show children and adults having fun playing interactive games.

Production: We created a storyboard, wrote a script, cast actors, and filmed at the Flow Zone centre for one day. We integrated short scenes, drone, animated graphics, and voice-over, in a 2-minute video that focuses on the key attractions and games, as well as scenes in the adjacent reservoir and treatment works.

Result: The video had an excellent response, resulting in a heavy increase in visitors to Flow Zone, including numerous schools and community groups.

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Video: Case study about how Bam is integrating Spot the Robot Dog into its site inspection regime. For social media and presentations.

Brief: Come to our site on Shetland and film “Spot” so we can put on social media to update the industry about the strides we’re making with this new technology and its benefits for site inspections.

Production: We filmed interviews, as well as b-roll of Spot in action and a meeting in London between Bam and the Spot supplier talking about its virtues. We edited a two minute video and added graphics, music, and closed captions.

Result: The video has had excellent exposure in social media. We also produced an extended video about Spot and other 5G linked technology Bam is using on Shetland and other prime sites.

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How to prevent condensation, damp and mould

Videos: A set of 10 how-to videos for helping tenants carry out basic repairs and maintenance in their home, including unblocking a sink, bleeding a radiator, and preventing condensation, damp, and mould.

Brief: Step-by-step demonstrations that are accurate and engaging, easy to follow and remember. Add subtitles in 5 languages and British Sign Language versions. 

Production: We researched and wrote a detailed script and storyboard, cast actor/demonstrators, and filmed in two council homes over 3 days. We edited the videos and added closed captions. Had the transcripts translated into the 5 languages, added the subtitles and BSL.   

Result: The videos are installed on the council’s website and their YouTube channel. They’ve been a huge success with thousands of viewers.

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Chichester College Group

Videos: The social media video shown here is part of a set of videos showcasing the colleges in the group and the education and training they provide to UK and international students.

Brief: provide a broad overview of the educational and social activities at each college, and our student care, to help us reach potential new students in the UK and around the world. Highlight teaching excellence and facilities; capture the energy and interaction between teachers and students.

Production: We filmed hours of b-roll at each college, plus feature scenes, and short pieces to-camera from teachers and students.  We edited different videos for different purposes – including ‘English For Life’ for international students. We subtitled the videos in 8 languages.

Result: The videos are installed on the college YouTube channel and used for presentations to family groups and educational centres in different countries.

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Waverley Borough Council

Video: ‘Discover Waverley’ provides an overview of the towns, villages, beauty spots and visitor attractions across the borough. For various websites.

Brief: Capturing the picturesque parts of towns and villages, the best beauty spots in the Surrey Hills, and the best visitor attractions and amenities, including a heavy emphasis on art and craft.

Production: We filmed from the ground and the air to capture the best landscapes and history, as well as visitors of all ages enjoying what the borough has to offer.

Result: The video is posted on Waverley’s website, and tourism websites across the county and beyond. We also produced ‘Film Waverley’ to promote numerous locations for the television and film industry.

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Heritage Wardrobe Company

Video: The video shown here is one of a set we created to showcase the quality of the luxury built wardrobes. For the company website and YouTube.

Brief: Take the viewer on a journey through a home and highlight the handcrafted accents, the quality fittings, and how everything is designed and uniquely tailored to enhance each bedroom’s ambience.  

Production: We filmed in a house that had just been fitted with wardrobes in every bedroom. We glided through each room and floated across the wardrobe surfaces, and we used trick videography to make the doors and drawers close on their own, as if by magic.

Result: We delivered various edits for trade and customers to view. One of the videos is featured on the company’s website home page.

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Video: This is one of the many videos we’ve produced. It’s a case study about replacing the roof on the Orangery at Gunnersbury Park. For the company website, and presentations.

Brief: Capture the scale of the project, the engineering excellence to replicate the original roof but with modern technology applied and focus on the skills and attention detail of the technical team.

Production: We filmed each stage of the work, including scenes in the Whitesales factory restoring original beams, preparing the new framework, and glazing, and installing the new roof. We included drone flying over the park to locate the orangery looking over the lake. Commentary came from interviews we filmed along the way.  

Result: The video is shown to potential customers who are considering a similar bespoke installation.

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