BAM Nuttall is a leading Civil Engineering company working across the UK and worldwide. Sightline has worked for the company since 2004.

The numerous videos we have produced include project reports and health and safety updates for the annual internal road show; videos for Health & Safety training, recruitment, and induction; explainer videos about company values; and news videos about helping develop new innovations in civil engineering.


We help BAM Nuttall maintain an effective video strategy that targets different audiences for different reasons. This involves filming across the UK, and utilising the footage for different videos.

The key components in many of the videos are filmed scenes of work on site, inter-cut with sound bites from employees and customers – to provide engaging stories and deliver key messages about BAM Nuttall’s capabilities, expertise, and performance.

Aerial filming is an important element in some videos, to show the scale and complexity of BAM Nuttall’s work. For example, our drone experts filmed over the BAM Nuttall construction site at Peters Village in Kent – where the company was building the infrastructure for 10,000 new homes. The weather was perfect and we got some excellent results.


The BAM Nuttall website is populated with strategically placed videos to engage different audiences and show case the company as an industry leader – capable, innovative, diverse, and providing a range of career opportunities. The annual roadshow, rich in video content about all aspects of the company’s activities, has become a must-see event for employees across the UK.


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