Sightline has produced videos and TV commercials for Rug Doctor for the last 10-years. The videos are for point-of-sale, online promotion, How-To demonstrations of carpet cleaning machines and cleaning products, and trouble-shooting advice. We created dub versions of some of the videos – in German, French, Italian and Spanish.

We also produced staff training DVDs for Tesco, B&Q, Homebase, and Morrisons.


We worked closely with Rug Doctor to develop the storyboards and scripts, ensuring a consistent approach and style for each type of video; so that everything Rug Doctor stands for in terms of quality, performance, and reliability, would be registered and remembered by the audience. We organised locations, performers, costumes, and props, and then filmed and edited the videos.

For the TV commercials, we made sure the messages and claims complied with the rules, regulations, and standards, of the ASA (Advertising Standard Agency). We also submitted the commercials for “clearance” by Clearcast, who work on behalf of the ASA and the broadcast channels.


The videos are installed on the Rug Doctor UK website, YouTube channel, and used for targeted events. They have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people across the UK and Europe. The videos help enormously in maintaining brand awareness – as well as helping customers get the most out of the machines and cleaning products.

The TV commercials have been shown on ITV regional channels across the UK. In each case, they have helped to reinforce the Rug Doctor offer and encourage viewers to rent or purchase machines.


In Store Promotional video

TV commercial (30-seconds)

How To | Quick start cleaning guide

How To | Cleaning with the hand tool

How To | Cleaning Products

Trouble Shooting | Cleaning Solution