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Drone Video Production

Nothing captures the majestic grandeur of outside space quite like a 4K drone shot. We have fully CAA-licensed operators who can capture stunning cinematic footage and offer a unique vantage point of your project.

travel & tourism locations property development constructions & engineering school & college promotion sporting eventspublic events

Travel & Tourism

beautiful & special destinations

Promoting physical space for Travel and Tourism, Commercial and Residential Property, Engineering and Construction.

We use the latest drone camera technology and work closely with our clients to understand the key location attributes that will be needed in a video, helping to find that ‘breathtaking’ aerial shot that can set imaginations racing.

Construction & Civil Engineering

From bridges to buildings

We help our customers develop effective video strategies for delivering important information to targeted audiences. For example, promoting services, project reports, health & safety initiatives, recruitment, induction and training, employee communication.

With 15 years of construction video experience behind us our knowledge and understanding of the industry is extensive. Our customers include BAM, Kier Group, Skanska, Taylor Wimpey, Berkeley Group, Rydon, Barratt, Mott MacDonald, J.Reddington, Quadrant Construction, and many more.

Property showcase

Create, promote, attract

Helping to showcase a new commercial or residential property development.

We combine cinematic aerial footage with on the ground tours and interviews that can clearly promote your developments unique features, services and location.



If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, or if you simply want to know more about how we work, please get in touch, by phone, or email.

Based in Camberley, Surrey, Sightline work with customers in the UK and Worldwide.

Drone Video Production Process

Pre-planning of your project is essential as airspace clearance with local authorities or government institutions, depending on filming location and airspace classification.

1. Storyboard & Script

We will plan the narrative for your video – the story you want to tell and the visual elements that will convey this effectively. In a written script we will describe the story’s arc – scene by scene with action notes, dialogue and/or voice-over. We will ensure the story resonates with your audience and excites them so that they want to engage with your business or organisation.

We will develop a visual storyboard if the story is more complex or is going to be told using animation. It will be a visual representation of each scene (hand drawn or computer generated) with action notes, and dialogue/voice-over written under each frame. It’s a great visual device for formulating and firming up ideas.

2. Pre-production & planning

“The devil is in the detail” as they say, so the work we put into this important stage will provide the backbone for efficiently managing and executing each stage of the video’s production, and ensuring it delivers exactly what is expected.

We will work with you to plan and schedule each filming day, including the people involved (on and off camera), the locations, any props, and the filming logistics. We always plan to make the maximum use of the time available each day.

3. Airspace clearance

There are three different types of airspace restrictions in the UK: Prohibited Areas, Restricted Areas and Danger Areas with the same restrictions apply to both unmanned and manned aircraft.

The majority of these regions are “permanent,” in that their restrictions apply at all times and are shown on aviation charts, although other portions of airspace may be temporarily restricted as a result of a longer-term pre-planned event or owing to a short-notice incident such as an emergency situation.

We must have explicit permission from the relevant Traffic Controller or Airfield Flight Information Service Officer to fly our unmanned aircraft within a restricted area.

4. Filming

Our directors and crews film with broadcast standard 4K cameras, lighting and sound recording equipment. They have over 25-years of experience filming in many different environments; working with professional actors filming scenarios; working with professional presenters, and interviewing people from all walks of life. We always ensure the filming runs smoothly and everyone involved enjoys the experience and delivers excellent results.

5. Editing

We edit our videos using Adobe Premiere Pro software. It provides great flexibility and precision, excellent visual and audio quality, and is packed with features to help make the video sizzle! We use Adobe After Effects and other software for creating exciting motion graphics and animations.

We work with a wide range of professional voice actors and will choose the most appropriate tone and style for your video. And we use music to help set the mood and pace of the video. We source music from online production music libraries, or we can commission bespoke music from experienced composers.

Have any Questions?

Here are some questions that might be useful to know about Drone videography.

If you are using your drone commercially then the CAA have put in place a series of rules that one must follow. These rules are based on whether the drone is flying over, near or far away from people. Our drone camera operators are fully licensed by the CAA and are able to fly according to these rules.

You do not need explicit permission to fly your unmanned aircraft near people and buildings, as long as you keep your aircraft a safe distance away from them. The exact distance will depend on the type of aircraft you are flying, but it is typically recommended to keep a minimum of 100 feet (30 meters) between your aircraft and any people or structures. If you are planning to fly closer than 30 metres, clearance/permission may be required.

Our CAA qualified pilots are aware, and able to plan for safety rules and restrictions. 

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