Video based e-Learning for the NHS

So far, we have  created 22 video based e-learning modules for the e-training for tomorrow (etft) section of the NHS Educator Hub.

The modules are designed to help train consultants and supervisors of foundation doctors and pharmacists to assess them in a range of medical and patient facing procedures and disciplines. etft is considered to be a leading online NHS resource for this purpose in the country.

Each course module contains a set of short videos, with a self-assessment at the end of each one. The successful completion of a module results in a Certificate of Qualification.

Working with NHS project leaders in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex deanery, we helped develop the scripts, filmed and edited the videos, and created subtitled and slide show versions, ready for installing on the Educator Hub.

Our work continues – with new modules this year.

Visit the Educator Hub: https://educatorhub.e-lfh.org.uk/


We installed a Virtual Mannequin system in the transit hall at Heathrow Terminal 5, to advise passengers about platforms and gate stops.

We dubbed the presenter’s English announcement into 5 other languages, which passengers can select using the touch screen.

Virtual Mannequins are the ideal solution for making continuous announcements to passengers, visitors, or passersby – and without the risk of human fatigue or error.

How do we make a Virtual Mannequin?

We film the presenter against a black background. The edited video is then back-projected onto a full size acrylic cut-out of the presenter. Their voice is played through speakers placed behind the cut-out, to give the effect of them talking directly to the audience.

We have also created Virtual Mannequin videos for Luton, London City, and Birmingham airports, and for various trade shows.

We offer a complete package  – including the video, Virtual Mannequin system, and installation.

For details, please call 01483 813311 or email [email protected]



Touch screen kiosk for Ballantine

We have developed touch screen content for Disney stores, HMV, Ballantine’s Whiskey, Heathrow Airport, and the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Touch screens installed into kiosks or bounce pads provide ideal sources of information in retail stores, exhibitions, and public places – for promoting, explaining, or obtaining information from visitors.

We design the interface and create the content – including text, graphics, images, and videos. For HMV, we developed a remote content uploading system.

Do you have a project you would like us to help with?