In our blogs we often talk about how flexible and versatile the video medium is for effectively communicating with specific audiences. And not all videos are about promoting products and services.

There is a rising trend in the market for brands to bring to life their instruction leaflets and manuals on video, to provide a more engaging simplified way of demonstrating to their customers how to set-up and use their products.

Lets face it, exploded diagrams of how to put together a bookshelf or cupboard have never been that easy to follow, which is why DIY-ers spend their rainy Sunday afternoons figuring it out and then filming it and loading the video onto YouTube for everyone else to view. Businesses have recognised this and are taking the lead themselves.


When Mothercare launched their ROAM pushchair, they created a series of demonstration videos on how to use it. Everything from applying the breaks to folding the pram down was thought of and covered. You can see the series here.

But it doesn’t stop there. Nothing demonstrates this approach better than how social housing providers are using Home User Guide videos to provide vital information to their residents.

L&Q Housing Association

We have produced Home User Guide videos for over twenty housing developments for our client L&Q. One of them was for their new Dollis Valley development in the London Borough of Barnet. The carefully crafted video – delivered in chapters on a DVD – is the ultimate instruction manual for new residents.

Not only is the video the perfect way to show where to locate key points in the home, such as the boiler controls and water stop cock, or how to set up the central heating programmer, but it also describes how to use use and maintain the different features of the home, and it provides hints and tips.

By providing new tenants with a walk-through experience, it saves them having to look through complex manuals. And having a step-by-step video guide at their finger tips empowers them to resolve small issues themselves.

We’ve produced User Guides and How-To videos for various clients – including housing associations like L&Q, and brands such as Rug Doctor.

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