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Interactive Video Production

Well-produced interactive content can entertain an audience as well as inform and engage. We create intuitive and accessible interactive content, from ‘way-finding’ in international airports for global travellers through to basic information and ‘how-to’ videos.

Interactive video content that allows you to answer customer questions in a logical and clear way.

We have created multilingual interactive solutions for major brands such as Disney and Amazon.

Virtual video assistant Hologram voice cognition and response 360° Video tours

Virtual Video Assistant

Get more attention

Sightline have designed and produced Virtual Assistant Videos for Heathrow, Birmingham, Luton Airport – for advising and helping passengers pass through security more quickly and easily.

Virtual Assistants are excellent for announcing important messages repeatedly and consistently to customers, visitors and passersby. We film a video of the assistant talking to the camera. Then it is back-projected onto a thin acrylic full size cut-out of the assistant’s body, and their voice is played through speakers directly behind the cut-out to give the effect of a talking assistant.


Holographic Projection, AI-based voice cognition & response

A brand new innovation in holographic projection and AI-based voice cognition and response capabilities are being incorporated into these solutions.

Our team are at the cutting edge of a new technology that can bring a virtual assistant to life in a physical space. 

For all those Star Trek fans out there, this is the future.

And the future is right around the corner…

AI voice recognition is at the very cutting edge of this technology. We are hoping to have exciting news about how artificial intelligence can be used to create a fully interactive voice activated virtual assistant soon.

Holographic Projection - Interactive Video Production


Create immersive experiences

Using 360° camera technology to create immersive tours. We are able to embed video content within the tour to create a guided description of an environment, or provide supplementary information about a specific area or process.

Foundling Museum - 360 video tour

Promote & Explain

We have developed touch screen content for Disney stores, HMV, Ballantine’s Whiskey, Heathrow Airport, and the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Touch screens installed into kiosks or bounce pads provide ideal sources of information in retail stores, exhibitions, and public places – for promoting, explaining, or obtaining information from visitors.

We design the interface and create the content – including text, graphics, images, and videos. 

Interactive Touch Screens for Video Content


If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, or if you simply want to know more about how we work, please get in touch, by phone, or email.

Based in Camberley, Surrey, Sightline work with customers in the UK and Worldwide.

Have any Questions?

We’re here to help, so you can contact us at any time. But there are a few frequent questions that crop up around interactive video solutions and here’s where you can find the answers.

Yes, our team is experienced in arranging international transport of the equipment and can install the virtual assistant worldwide.

We have a variety of service and warranty packages available to ensure your equipment is fully supported.

Yes, we have worked with many clients to provide multi-language interactive content.
Artificial Intelligence is developing at a very fast pace. We expect to be able to offer a voice activated virtual assistant that can use artificial intelligence to understand questions and give relevant answers and information soon…. Oh and yes it’ll speak multiple languages.

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