Melt Content is a leading digital marketing agency in London. The brief was to produce an ‘Introduction’ video for its website homepage. Instead of a run of the mill “this is our company” video, Melt wanted an approach that would capture its personality and convey the essence of its service offer. It wanted the video to stand out from the crowd, so that people would remember Melt as innovative and forward thinking. 


We came up with the idea of featuring members of the Melt team in a series of short quirky scenes, created with trick photography. They would be fun to watch, but at the same time deliver important messages. We set out to create a video that every member of the team would be proud to show, and leave the audience wondering “how did they do that?”.

All the tricks were filmed live – with Kev, one of our production assistants, spending most of the day laying across a desk, standing on a chair, or hiding behind someone (imagine the roadie in Spinal Tap!), to make objects float or appear out of nowhere.

The Melt team was totally invested in helping to bring the storyboard to life. It was a tight filming schedule, so everyone threw themselves into the action.


Melt Content has received excellent positive comments from customers and prospects – and the video has become a huge talking point at meetings and presentations. Ultimately, it’s helping Melt to grab attention and build business. See the video on their website:


Melt Content offers a comprehensive range of services, backed by in-depth knowledge and expertise about everything to do with digital content marketing, SEO and ROI.  Filmed in a day, we produced six Vlogs for Melt’s YouTube channel. In each one Melt delivers expert advice about key issues. In many cases, we integrated simple graphics to help support their messages. More Vlogs are being planned.



Introduction video

See this video on the Melt Content website:

One of the ‘Bitesize’ VLOGS

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