To date, Sightline has created 32 video based e-learning modules for the NHS. The e-learning is for practitioners and healthcare professionals who are engaged in training and assessing foundation doctors and pharmacists working in hospitals and general practices across the UK. Each module contains a set of short video chapters with a self-assessment at the end of each one.


We were asked to create all the components for the modules. Working with NHS project leaders in the Kent, Surrey and Sussex deanery, we helped to develop the voice-over scripts and storyboards, and advised suitable approaches for demonstrating best practice and procedures, and for explaining the facts and detail.

We filmed the videos in hospitals and general practices in the south of England. NHS staff, and sometimes their patients, took part in the videos. Sometimes we involved actors playing foundation doctors and patients.

When we edited the three or four video chapters for each module, we recorded and added the voice-over, and incorporated tables of text or animations to support the learning messages. Finally we added subtitles, using XML spread sheets. The subtitles can be turned on or off by the viewer.

We also created a slide show version of each video (using stills from the video and the voice-over and dialogue transcript), for any viewers who are unable to play sound on their PC.


The modules were originally installed onto a website called E-Training for Trainers (ETFT), which we designed and developed. Because of the success of the modules – in terms of viewer numbers, viewer feedback, and course pass rates – they were then transfered onto NHS Health Education England’s Educator Hub which is the central resource for e-learning across the UK and is used by thousands of healthcare professionals.


Trainees with Difficulties: Introduction

MSF for Pharmacists: Introduction

Curriculum-Led Simulation: video 2

Lessons Learnt: Introduction

Giving Feedback: video 2

Giving Feedback: final video