Project Description

New Company Values explained, using 3D animated characters

Civil engineering company BAM Nuttall made some important changes to its company Values, and it wanted to explain these to its employees. They wanted to ensure people clearly understood what each Value meant and how it influences both the way the company works and delivers its services, as well as the behaviours and work ethics of employees.

There were some important messages to deliver and the company needed buy-in from everyone. So, the video needed to engage people at all levels and it needed to be entertaining and memorable – to ensure audience understanding and retention throughout. BAM Nuttall also wanted to incorporte the Value characters it was using in its printed materials.

We created 3D animations of the Value characters and we placed them into scenes with backgrounds made up from photos of BAM Nuttall people and the range of projects they work on. Each Value scene is introduced via a 2D graphic animation. A female narrator explains what each Value is and why its important. Employee voices explain how the Values influence the way they work.

We used motion capture to create the 3D Value character movements.

BAM Nuttall is delighted with the positive response to the video by employees, as well as customers, and its success in helping influence the acceptance of the Values across the business. Take a look!