Project Description

Lessons Learnt – patient safety initiative for doctors in training

This video is one of four videos in an e-learning course for the NHS.

Sightline has been working with the NHS for the last 8 years developing 32 video-based e-learning modules for training NHS doctors and pharmacists. The modules are installed on the NHS Health Education England Educator Hub

The e-learning is for practitioners and healthcare professionals who are engaged in training and assessing foundation doctors and pharmacists working in hospitals and general practices across the UK.  Each module contains a set of short video chapters with a self-assessment at the end of each one.

The Lessons Learnt module is designed to provides an overview of the Lessons Learnt patient safety project, including:
• Patient safety and why it is so important
• How Lessons Learnt can contribute to patient safety
• How to run a Lessons Learnt session
• Using the sessions to consider practical actions to promote patient safety


We spent 2 days at the NHS Hospital in Brighton filming the scenes for the four video chapters. Trainee Supervisors, members of the Lessons Learnt training team, and trainee doctors, featured in the scenes. We also involved a volunteer playing the part of a patient having a cardiac arrest.

We then edited the sequences for the four chapters, recorded and added the voice-over, and incorporated tables of text and graphic animations to support the learning messages. Finally, we added subtitles, using XML spread sheets. The subtitles can be turned on or off by the viewer.

We also created a slide show version of the videos (using video stills and the voice-over and dialogue transcript), for any viewers who are unable to play sound on their PC.


The videos and slide shows are installed on the NHS Health Education England’s Educator Hub. The hub is the central resource for e-learning across the UK and is used by thousands of healthcare professionals. Visit the Education Hub website page.

To find out more about our work for the NHS, please click here to read the case study