Our videos range from shopping centres to product demos and adverts

Retail is such a competitive industry and one that relies on getting your brand and product into the eyes of consumers. Showcasing a product with a retail video gives the viewer a chance to see the product in action.

Retail videos can come in a variety of styles, from demonstrations, dramatisations, testimonials and many more. We have the experience and the prowess to give each product the wow factor.

Sightline has 30 years of experience producing retail videos for a wide and diverse range of customers. Every time we sit down and take a brief we bring all that experience and knowledge, as well as our creative and technical skills, to the table.

We help our customers develop effective retail video strategies for delivering important information to their targeted audiences. For each video (whether it’s for a YouTube campaign, website or in-store presentation) we start by identifying the audience, then the call to action; then we develop an appropriate creative style and tone for engaging the audience and encouraging the right response.

Here are a few examples of our work

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