Sage Publications are developing extensive collections of educational videos for their Sage Video online catalogue. The videos are viewed by university students around the world. The collections ‘support a range of levels, from reference content for research, to pedagogical content for undergraduate teaching, to higher-level academic interest material’.

Over a period of 18 months, we filmed and edited 140 Tutorial, Case, and In Practice, videos for three collections – Media & Communications, Politics & International Relations, and Psychology. The videos are between 7 and 15 minutes long – a total of 40 hours of finished video.


Working to the taxonomies compiled by Sage, our producers researched, contacted, and organised the contributors for each video subject. The contributors were academics, authors, or experts in their field of work. We worked with them to develop suitable approaches for presenting their case or telling their story, and ensuring their messages were clear, accurate, and engaging.

Our directors and crews filmed in-studio or at the contributors’ places of work in the UK or Europe. The Tutorial and Case Study videos feature academics or authors talking to-camera, intercut with supporting footage, images, and graphics. The In-Practice videos feature interviews with specialists – intercut with scenes of them carrying out their work or background scenes that support their specific messages.

Our editors compiled each video so that it told an engaging story, was editorially accurate, and complied with Sage’s strict brand guidelines for titles and graphics.


The videos are installed on the Sage Video website, where students can view the catalogue through subscription. Sightline is one of the companies producing videos for Sage. Here are three examples of of how our videos are previewed in the Sage catalogue.

Joe Twyman discusses YouGov, an online opinion research company known for political research

Professor Tim Wall explains the radio broadcasting research his team undertook with the BBC and describes the project’s results

Dr. Mark Hayward and Dr. Clara Strauss discuss psychological therapies created for the treatment of hallucinations and distressing voices


“I have had the pleasure of working with Sightline over the past 18 months and have been hugely impressed with their strong editorial values, relationship management with our authors and contributors, not to mention the final product. The Senior Producers are not only very professional in what they do but also bags of fun to work with!” MICHAEL CARMICHAEL, Video Publisher, SAGE Publications |


Each one is a 3-minute cut-down of the original. 

Collective Intelligence on YouTube

YouGov: How Opinion Polls are Used

The Role of a UK Member of Parliament

Peacebuilding and Peace Activism 

Comparative Psychology & Animal Behaviour 

Child Language & Cognitive Development