We Create Accessible Videos for Every Kind of Audience

Sign Language

We can add sign language to videos we create or to existing videos you send us.

The British Sign Language interpreters we use have years of experience signing for all kinds of videos, TV programmes, and live events.

We film the interpreter against a green screen so that we can then ‘key’ them against a suitable colour or image background. We insert the interpreter into the bottom right corner of the video, so that there is room for any subtitles or supporting captions.

When we create a video specifically for a deaf audience, we show the signer larger on screen and add captions to indicate sections or key points.

We are often asked to add subtitles to the video as well.

We have added sign language to hundreds of videos, for customers such as the UK Civil Service, NHS, British Arts Council, local councils, utility companies, other video producers, and specialist agencies.


Foreign Languages

Commonwealth War Grave commission Turkish dub

We can add subtitles for the benefit of people with hearing difficulties, or when a video is played in a noisy environment.

We can add foreign language subtitles as an alternative to language dubbing.

There are two different ways to show subtitles on a video:

Option 1: When the video is installed on a channel such as YouTube or Vimeo, we upload a subtitles file to the channel’s [CC] captions function, so that viewers can then choose to turn the subtitles on or off.

Option 2: We ‘burn in’ the subtitles permanently onto the video.

We have dubbed or added voice-overs in many European and eastern languages.

We use specialist agencies to translate the video voice track and captions, and professional mother-tongue voice actors to record the voice-overs.

Careful planning and attention to detail results in a perfectly dubbed video with supporting captions in the same language as well.

BAM International | Dutch subtitles and captions 

Chichester College Group | Korean subtitles and captions

AJW | Chinese dub and captions

P&B Metals | Spanish dub and captions

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