South West Trains was upgrading many of the stations across the South Western Rail network, as part of the National Stations Improvement Programme (NSIP) to improve the overall passenger experience. The work often involved the complete refurbishment of buildings and passeger facilities. It was a huge undertaking and each year the rail companies deliver a progress report at an NSIP conference.

Malcolm Page, Stations Development Manager for South West Trains decided that video would be the most engaging way of delivering his report.


We worked through our neighbours Realm, who are the main contact with South West Trains and who produce their 3D animations and fly-throughs. Our camera crew travelled around the rail network, stopping at each station to film the upgrade work and any new technology, and highlighting how passengers are benefiting from it all. We then wrote the voice-over script and edited the footage into fast cutting sequences, set to music. We worked with our neighbours Realm, who produced CGI animations of some of the stations. We produced two videos, showing a different set of stations in each one.


Malcolm Page, Stations Development Manager for SWT said: “When I showed our video at the conference it created a big impact – everyone was impressed. People said they felt engaged. I was really proud of it. Video is far better than slides for showing off the important work we have been doing.

The film and the voice-over tell the story in a really dynamic and polished way. Once again, the production team did a great job filming the sequences and putting the video together. I was pleased to be working with your team again.”


Phase 1

Phase 2



South West Trains’ wanted a suite of videos to help train their ticket office staff in better office management and greater customer facing skills.

The videos had to be easily understood, deliver memorable messages, and encourage positive responses. They needed to include important information from managers; and a number of scenarios demonstrating the kind of do’s and don’ts that staff could associate with.


We developed the storyboards and scripts for eight videos. The intro and outro videos featured managers talking about the importance of dealing efficiently with customer requests and concerns. The other six featured acted stories demonstrating (a) the wrong way, and (b) the right way, of doing things.

We cast actors to play passengers and contractors, and SWT volunteers to play ticket office staff.  We filmed over two days at a station on the Southern Railways network and in SWT’s London office. We then edited the footage into the eight short and fast paced videos, with each one deliver engaging and powerful messages.


South West Trains were delighted with the content and accuracy in each video. Ticket office staff had responded positively and their attention to office management and customer interaction had dramatically improved.