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Statistics from the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) found that 95% of all UK homes have a licenced television. That’s round-the-clock advertising space in nearly 24 million homes, 24 hours a day.

Television adverts in Britain are somewhat of a cultish phenomenon. Thanks to the widespread use of social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, television advertising now has the potential to escape from the box in the corner of the room into the daily lives of Britons.

John Lewis’ 2013 Christmas advert ‘Bear and Hare’ reached 4.7million views on YouTube within a week of its release. The company even reported 7,000 new Twitter followers and 12,000 new Facebook fans over the weekend following the first airing.

The Drumming Gorilla advert from Cadbury’s 2007 campaign was voted the nation’s favourite TV advert of that year. Sales of Dairy Milk went up by an incredible 10% as a result of the commercial.

The most popular advert of 2016 was for McVitie’s chocolate biscuits. It featured a group of students entranced by kittens which appear from a packet of Chocolate Digestives. This family of adverts reached past the TV to in-store, digital, social and PR channels, delivering 87% Return on Investment (ROI).

Try and find a British television viewer who doesn’t know the “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” tagline, or whose automatic response to the phrase “Compare the market, dot com” isn’t the word “Simples”, delivered in a pseudo-Russian accent, complete with tongue click.

That’s the power of television advertising.

How do you stand out in a sea of adverts from other companies, all vying for the same attention?

A 2016 Yospace study found that although 88% of British television viewers watch TV adverts, a quarter of respondents were found to have a ‘very low patience threshold for poorly operated advertising.’

Your advert needs to be smart, snappy, and social-media ready – if it creates dialogue online, you’re on the way to going viral.

Using a carefully-crafted combination of filming techniques, high quality audio, and computer-generated illustrations is the most likely way to succeed in creating a successful television advert, according to recent statistics.

TV Commercial Production and Buying an Airtime Campaign

Don’t underestimate the difference that television advertising can make to your brand’s success!

Television advertising is a worthwhile investment – your advert has the potential not only to reach thousands of customers, but also to go viral and create a lasting impact.

Sightline produces television adverts that are fully compliant with Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines. We handle the entire clearance process through Clearcast, the agency working in behalf of the ASA.

We’re also a certified ITV and SKY airtime buying agency, so you don’t have to worry about any complications involved with sorting out airtime deals.

We’ll negotiate with the most relevant channels to devise an airtime schedule which will give you the greatest chance of an impressive ROI – ensuring the right audiences watches your ad at the right time is crucial to its success.

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