The Company of Animals (COA) develops and sells products that help owners to enrich the lives of their pets, as well as control how they behave. Over the years, we have produced numerous videos to promote COA’s product range through suppliers and distributors in over 42 countries.

The star of the range is the world famous HALTI canine headcollar, designed and developed by animal psychiatrist Dr Roger Mugford, owner of COA. Roger asked us to produce a multi-chapter instructional DVD about Halti Optifit, the lastest version of the headcollar. The DVD would be included free in product retail packs.


Over the many years we have worked with Roger, he has proved to be a natural in front of the camera – and very good at constructing a story and demonstrating COA’s products. He’s also very passionate about his work with animals. So, we worked with him to develop a set of short video chapters featuring him.

In the video chapters, Roger shows the Halti Optifit’s unique features and the sizes for different dog breeds, and he shows lots of examples and tips of how to correctly use the Halti and enjoy the benefits of the perfect tool for controlling and training dogs, from passive to aggressive.

We filmed the scenes with Roger at Roxbury Farm in Surrey, the home of The Company of Animals. You need lots of patience when filming dogs; taking time to capture the perfect moment on camera. But it was great fun and we got excellent results!

We also produced a one-minute promo video for COA’s website and YouTube channel.


The DVD is included in every retail pack – and COA are selling thousands all over the world. It is proving to be the perfect way for helping dog owners get the maximum benefits out of their Halti Optifit.


Halti Optifit promo – for YouTube

Instructional DVD – Chapter 1