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The Ever Changing Trends of Social Media Marketing and the Role of Video

social media video trends

Now more than ever, video is helping to shape the marketing scene.

Although video has been an option for a while now, today it should be considered a vital part of a content marketing strategy, and no company with an online presence should be without one.

The use of video in social media has exploded in recent years, and some companies are struggling to get to grips with what social media trends they should be following. But there are experts who can help. For example, the experts at give helpful hints on how video can be used with social media. But due to the speed of the digital age, it can be hard to keep up!

Like most things in life, video marketing is constantly shifting and changing, especially its role in the social media landscape. To create a better marketing strategy, brands really need to get to know their audience, understand their preference and their habits, and stay up to date with social media trends.


Over recent years, Facebook has steadily leaned more and more towards video, with short clips popping up all over a user’s timeline. This preferential treatment of video was first announced in 2016 by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the Facebook empire, and that announcement seems to be just the start of Facebook’s video first approach to content.

One of the most obvious trends is the Facebook Live feature, which will in time change the way that companies use Facebook to advertise. The social media platform is pushing brands to put forward a live broadcast to their followers all about what they can offer, a completely new type of marketing to what brands are used to. Facebook Live is only in the starting stages, but it looks set to grow massively in the coming year.

Facebook is not the only social media platform to align with this trend. The likes of Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have all integrated this feature into their platforms with varying success. Marketers who use these live feeds to their advantage will be one step ahead of other companies, with the ability to engage with their audience in very different ways.

Facebook has also recently launched a 360-degree video this year, and this unique experience will give its viewers a very different insight into the brand.

Your Mobile Audience

Since most people are accessing their social media accounts through their mobile, more and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of optimising their video content for a mobile audience. People love to flick through their timelines or newsfeed and watch videos while they are out and about, so it is likely that videos are also going to start to become audio less, so people don’t have to worry about finding headphones before watching a clip. This may mean that subtitles will be on the rise!

Social media and video marketing are very much intertwined, so it is important that marketers stay up to date with the changing trends of the two, to produce the most up-to-date content possible.

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