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Training Videos

We have created hundreds of hours of educational, training and factual content videos for our customers. 

We bring all that experience and knowledge to the table and help our customers develop effective video strategies for delivering engaging learning and training experiences.

Courses Step by Step Product features Instructor-led Acted scenarios Animated Interactive Multi-lingual

Professional training videos

deliver fast, effective solutions

Sightline has created video based e-learning modules for the NHS since 2012.

The modules are for practitioners and healthcare professionals who are engaged in training and assessing foundation doctors and pharmacists working in hospitals and general practices across the UK. Each module contains a set of short video chapters with a self-assessment at the end of each one.

onboarding & recruitment

A few key steps to get started

Videos can recruit or train new joiners to an organisation. Our team can help to tell your company history, portray your company culture, provide health and safety education and bring your business processes to life.

A CEO welcome video or corporate update videos can all also be included in this flexible content format.


Designed to Inspire

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) ensures that 1.7 million people who died in the two world wars will never be forgotten. The commission cares for cemeteries and memorials at 23,000 locations, in 154 countries. 

Sightline has produced interactive presentations and videos for the CWGC Gallipoli project for many years.

This video is one of a set we produced to mark the hundredth anniversary (25th April 2015) of the Commonwealth forces landing on the Gallipoli peninsula.

We filmed interviews with specialist CWGC Gallipoli historians talking about the events – and we intercut these with archive photos and graphic maps. We produced dubbed versions in French, Dutch and Turkish.

Factual Content videos

a growing demand for factual content

The videos we produce for clients in education, health, public services, and social housing, include documenting ways of life, case studies of how specialists are helping others, and insights into humanitarian challenges and campaigns.

This video provides short samples of some of the work we have produced.

Animation & motion graphics

Using the latest Animation and Motion graphic techniques our team are able to create training and e-learning content. From health and safety videos, through to company onboarding, we will work with you to craft a storyboard that captures the key aspects of your training content

Drone Videography
Our CAA qualified videographer can use drone footage to capture training content. We have many construction and engineering clients that use us to create their health and safety training videos which frequently need aerial content.

We create accessible content including closed captions, foreign dubbing and sign language. Creating accessible content, allows people with disabilities to have comparable experience of your story.



If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, or if you simply want to know more about how we work, please get in touch, by phone, or email.

Based in Camberley, Surrey, Sightline work with customers in the UK and Worldwide.

Training Video Production Process

You will be in safe hands with our team. We have a well-established process for creating our training and e-learning video content and will be on hand to guide you through step by step.

1. Storyboard & Script

We will work with you to understand the key learning points and incorporate them into the script and treatment of your video.

Storytelling is key to getting your learning message across – the story you want to tell and the visual elements that will convey this effectively. In a written script we will describe the story’s arc – scene by scene with action notes, dialogue and/or voice-over. We will ensure the story resonates with your audience and excites them so that they want to engage with your business or organisation.

We will develop a visual storyboard if the story is more complex or is going to be told using animation. It will be a visual representation of each scene (hand drawn or computer generated) with action notes, and dialogue/voice-over written under each frame. It’s a great visual device for formulating and firming up ideas.

2. Pre-production & planning

“The devil is in the detail” as they say, so the work we put into this important stage will provide the backbone for efficiently managing and executing each stage of the video’s production, and ensuring it delivers exactly what is expected. We review and plan animations and motion graphics to seamlessly highlight key learning points of your training.

We will work with you to plan and schedule each filming day, including the people involved (on and off camera), the locations, any props, and the filming logistics. We always plan to make the maximum use of the time available each day.

3. Filming

Our directors and crews film with broadcast standard 4K cameras, lighting and sound recording equipment. They have over 25-years of experience filming in many different environments; working with professional actors filming scenarios; working with professional presenters, and interviewing people from all walks of life. We always ensure the filming runs smoothly and everyone involved enjoys the experience and delivers excellent results.

4. Editing & post-production

We edit our videos using Adobe Premiere Pro software. It provides great flexibility and precision, excellent visual and audio quality, and is packed with features to help make the video sizzle! We use Adobe After Effects and other software for creating exciting motion graphics and animations.

We work with a wide range of professional voice actors and will choose the most appropriate tone and style for your video. And we use music to help set the mood and pace of the video. We source music from online production music libraries, or we can commission bespoke music from experienced composers.

Have any Questions?

We’re here to help, so you can contact us at any time. But there are a few frequent questions that crop up around Training and e-learning and here’s where you can find the answers.

The initial content is drafted by the client, we can then help with scripting, text and even adding comprehension questions at the end.
All video content needs to tell a story and training content is no exception. The best results are where education and entertainment are elements that are built into your project.
Yes we have over 25 years of experience in helping scope and create creative solutions that can help to create engaging training and e-learning content.
Not necessarily, animation can work well in certain scenarios, but we also use professional presenters, actors and indeed people from the client’s company to create training videos.

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