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‘Don’t Take Chances’ is a hard-hitting safety video that deals with two major causes of accidents on-site – drug abuse and carrying out tasks without proper training.

J.Reddington is an industry-leading groundwork and concrete frame specialist. The company has developed rigorous health and safety disciplines for everyone working on its sites.

The safety video pulls no punches in showing the dangers and potential consequences of flouting the rules and taking chances: “… it’s like playing Russian roulette!”.

We filmed for 3 days on a construction site at the J.Reddington depot. The above extract is one of the scenes we created to demonstrate what can happen when procedures are ignored and people make stupid mistakes.

The safety video certainly made the right impact and changed the attitudes of operatives working on J.Reddington sites. It also helped to improve the company’s health and safety reputation in the industry.

J.Reddington also offered it to other construction companies to use – free of charge.

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